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7 Ways to Support Your Child’s Jiu Jitsu

girls martial artsIn my decade plus in practicing jiu jitsu I have seen how jiu jitsu can have a positive effect on people. At Lake County BJJ I have been very fortunate to be a part of such positive changes in people’s lives. This includes children. I have seen my own son go from a very shy boy to a very confident 12 year old, who helps with our mighty mite program (4-6 year olds). I have seen the change in many of our students in our kids program.
I started to ask myself what is the common theme in all of kids who I’ve seen change and reap the benefits of our kids jiu jitsu program? Then it hit me…PARENTS! They all had supportive parents. I’ve listed 7 ways parents can support their children’s jiu jitsu.
1. Show commitment-bring them to class. First step in having your child learn something new is to have them practice at that new skill. If you want your child to reap all the benefits of jiu jitsu and be bully proof. They must show up to class. PERIOD! No one can get proficient at a skill but just practicing it once every two weeks.
2. Encourage them-praise their effort. In jiu jitsu sometimes you have good days some days you have bad days. But it about learning perseverance.
3. Stay calm-kids will get bumps and bruises it is important to note that is part of the sport. At tournaments do not scream, cheer, but do not argue with anyone.
4. Healthy diet-they are exercising support them by helping them avoid junk food. The training can be very strenuous. Especially in the beginning, sugar effects children the same as it does adults. Avoid Gatorade type drinks as they are loaded Fruits and Veggieswith sugar. This will help the kids stay in the game longer and have them avoid sitting out for a portion of the class.
5. Let the coaches coach-this goes a long way of helping the kids learning to respect authority figures beyond their parents. The most experience grapplers who have their own children in a kids program respect this. You should too!
6. Do not put pressure them-if you really want them to train jiu jitsu do not pressure them. The more you pressure a child into doing something the more they will resist. Our classes are fun and all the other kids are great. No need to do that with us.
7. Be a role model-Being positive, let them see how you support the other kids as well. Kids will follow your lead.
I’ve have seen kids not benefit from jiu jitsu, and not through any fault of their own. I don’t want parents to drop off their kids and let them be. I want supportive parents, I want parents involved, and doing this will make everything go easier for everyone. Our character development has to be reinforced by the parents as well.
I am confident if parents follow these easy steps you will witness the benefits of martial arts and jiu jitsu first hand in your child.

Until next time.

Carlos Archila

Head Instructor

Lake County Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


Carlos Archila is the owner and head instructor of Lake County Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Mundelein, IL.  He has been training jiu jitsu over a decade, and is a proud affiliate of New Breed Training Center/Bonsai JJ-USA.  For more information about our classes please visit or call 847-495-2557

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