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Do you make this parenting mistake?

You know, there’s one parenting mistake that nearly every parent has been guilty of – at some point or another. And that’s because it’s a hard on to not break!

In fact, it’s nearly impossible.

What’s the mistake?

Not Being Consistent. (Isn’t “consistent” such a nasty word sometimes?) And why’s it so hard not to break? Because kids are ALWAYS pushing boundaries! ALWAYS!

Every single day.

But today, I’d like to encourage

you to get better at this hard task

with a simple exercise…


If you have trouble staying consistent, then pick ONE boundary – just ONE – and commit to always enforcing it. Every time.

Just one!

Do it for one week straight. And then add another one.

Then do both for one week straight, and add another one.

Before you know it, you’ll have a calm, orderly house. And your kids will respect you because you buckled down… And got consistent!


And as we all know, it’s much easier to focus on one thing at a time… Then getting everything right all at once.

So if you too find yourself making this mistake, try this out. Fixing it could be easier than you ever


Here’s to a great day,



Head Instructor

Lake County Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


Carlos Archila is the owner and head instructor of Lake County Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Mundelein, IL.  He has been training jiu jitsu over a decade, and is a proud affiliate of New Breed Training Center/Bonsai JJ-USA.  For more information about our classes please visit or call 847-495-2557

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