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adult martial arts classes testimonial“Coach Carlos and Patty create a friendly environment that teaches aspiring Jiu Jitsu students not only the fundamentals of the sport but also the confidence to try something out of their comfort zone. I love being incorporated into their tightly knit family! If you’ve ever had an interest or even just a passing thought about jiu-jitsu, come check it out and let Coach Carlos’ expertise and passion speak for itself.”

— Alondra Cambray, adult jiu-jitsu student

Ian jiu-jitsu testimonial"Lake County BJJ is the best place to train. Carlos and Patty give tons of attention to each student. They make sure that you get the correct technique down and that you are understanding when to use each technique. They truly do care and are willing to help as long as it takes for you to understand. The other great thing about this place is the family environment. Every elite gym has a family environment along with great instructors and training partners. This place has really helped me regain important things of my life back by helping me regain my competitive spirit and help me lose over 25 pounds."

~ Ian Miller, adult jiu-jitsu student

Scott BJJ testimonial"Great place to train jiu jitsu, very welcoming to new students. Always great instruction, Carlos is very knowledgeable and patient. Very good training atmosphere, students are friendly and there are no egos. I would highly recommend training at LCBJJ!!"

~ Scott Repec, adult BJJ student

adult jiu-jitsu classes in Mundelein ILSo, you're thinking about starting a martial arts class, and you want to know about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, right? But just what makes BJJ such a formidable martial art and such an awesomely fun activity?

  • The Workout - I know, I know... working out isn't supposed to be fun. But with jiu-jitsu, it is! Classes are always different, always challenging, and always fun, but you can also adjust your workout to your own fitness level. Sure, you'll sweat in every class and we'll challenge you to push yourself, but it won't feel like drudgery, ever.
  • The Self-Defense - Not only is Brazilian jiu-jitsu training considered to be required learning for all professional MMA fighters, it's also what the U.S. military chose for their modern hand-to-hand combat system. And, for over a decade jiu-jitsu has been proven effective in combat the world over. There's no other martial art that can make that claim - none.
  • The Camaraderie - From your very first day here at Lake County Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, we'll do our very best to make you feel like part of the family. Students here are known to be friendly, courteous, and without egos or attitudes. So, whether you're a brand-new white belt or an experienced jiu-jitsu practitioner, you can train here knowing that you're surrounded by people who just want to help you succeed.

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