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Getting your kids to go places without a fight.



Your kids martial arts expert here with a cool parenting tip 🙂 I wanted to swing by and tell you about a simple trick you can use to get your kids to actually WANT to leave the house.

This is especially neat for getting them to go to those places that they really don’t want to… You know, like on errands and appointments and things like that.

Here it is…

The next time you want to get your kid to go somewhere (without a hassle or a fight)…Ask them to do something they don’t like first.

So ask them to clean up the yard, or clean their room, etc., etc., etc. Then – ask them if they’re ready to “take a break” and go to wherever

you need to go that day.

Your kid will be thrilled to stop doing the boring task at hand, and do something new and different. Even if it’s something they usually

don’t like. See, when a kid is doing something already that they don’t like -taking a break sounds like the most appealing thing in the world. Even if that break is something else they don’t like! It seems like the lesser of two evils to them.

Try it out! And let me know how it goes.

You can thank me later 😉

Until next time.


Carlos Archila

Head Instructor

Lake County Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


Carlos Archila is the owner and head instructor of Lake County Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Mundelein, IL.  He has been training jiu jitsu over a decade, and is a proud affiliate of New Breed Training Center/Bonsai JJ-USA.  For more information about our classes please visit or call 847-495-2557

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